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Services Offered

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Vertical Concepts Inc. is the leader in home installation of blinds and other window coverings. Our window coverings offer our customers solutions to many problems. Our window coverings can improve privacy and provide sun control - indoors and outdoors (outdoor window coverings) – outside solar screens. We also have retractable insect screens. Our window coverings reduce cooling costs, save energy, save resources, protect carpets, upholstery, art work, etc., as well as provide basic comfort.

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Vertical Concepts Inc provides the following products and services to our customers:

• LEED Certified Products
• Residential and Commercial Window Treatments
• Motorized Window Treatments
• Vertical Blinds and Shutters
• 2” Wood and 2” Faux Wood
• Panel Track
• Solar Screens
• Free Installation
• Retractable Insect Screens

Brands We Carry

Vertical Concepts Inc. is proud to say they use only the finest brands in the window covering industry. Below you will find links to our top suppliers so you can find out more about them and see why we put all of our trust in them.